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Life Lessons Learned From Fathers Of Children With Disabilities, Eliya Stromberg, PhD. Babaye Press, 2017. (I know I am tooting my own horn, but reading it gives strength and focus to fathers who do not feel at peace with their situation.
Read Michael’s interview here.)

Avot uBanim
Many fathers learn with their special children, but few fathers ever bring their children to the beis medrash to join Avot uBanim. The reasons are many: physical challenges, embarrassment at his son’s unusual behavior or limited ability to learn, desire to protect one’s son from stares, comments or abuse by his peers, and so forth.
FathersConnect is working with the directors of Avot uBanim to overcome these challenges and to encourage more fathers to learn with their special sons. FathersConnect can arrange for a small number of father/son chavrusas to come to the house of the special child so that they can all learn together.
To participate in Avot uBanim with your son, please contact us.

Group Activities
It is the intention of FathersConnect to arrange large and small group activities for fathers and their children, and for their whole family. We can imagine a day at the Chofetz Chaim water park. Or a picnic at Gan Sachar complete with games and activities. Or to the beach. We imagine a retreat just for fathers. If you wish to help plan such activities, please contact us.

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