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To: Fathers of a disabled child

From: Eliya Stromberg, also the father of a disabled child

We didn’t ask for our children to be disabled, but that’s what we got.
If you are a typical member of this exclusive club, you were shocked to learn your child wasn’t typical. Maybe deep inside you are still reeling from the shock even though on the outside no one would ever know.

Let me plead with you: do what ever it takes to accept completely the child you have. Don’t live your life disappointed that he/she may never accomplish the things you expected of any child of yours. It’s hard work (believe me, I know), but you can feel proud. Chosen Fathers: Life Lessons Learned from Fathers of Children with Disabilities tells how.

Having a child like ours adds strain to a marriage, to raising the siblings, to managing resources of time, money, and energy, to feeling as though we have a life of our own. (To name just a few of our challenges…) Chosen Fathers tells how thirteen fathers found the tools and the strength to make it all work.

And how to feel joy in being a father.

Please read about Michael, the first of the interviews in Chosen Fathers. The pregnancy of his first child presented serious problems to Michael’s wife. Doctors advised an abortion. They chose not to. At about six and a half months, Sara’s life was suddenly at risk and in emergency mode doctors delivered a boy. He weighed 605 grams (less than 1.5 pounds). Their baby didn’t come home from the hospital for ten and a half months. Michael’s personal growth from raising his son to adulthood is remarkable. Read about Michael here. (interview click button)

The stories the next twelve fathers tell are also remarkable for their honesty and their depth. Their stories give encouragement and hope. Chosen Fathers also details four practical steps fathers should follow to successfully raise their child.

You may get Chosen Fathers: Life Lessons Learned from Fathers of Children with Disabilities from Amazon by clicking here. (Amazon click button)

Read Michael’s interview .

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